Repertoire List

  1. Stewart: Pathways for Young Cellists, Schirmer*

    Otis, Edith: First Study Pieces for Cello, Schirmer

    Feuillard: The Young Violoncellists Method, Delrieu*

    Repertoire Album: Edito Budapest

    Fletcher: New Tunes for Strings,# 1&2 Boosey and Hawkes

    Feuillard: The Young Violoncellist, 1A & 1B, Delrieu

    Squire: Fairy Tales, Cradle Song

    Webster: Scherzo

    Deri: Solos for the Cello Player, Schirmer

    Breval: Sonata in C major, Schott or International

    Squire: Tarantella, International

    Marcello: Sonatas in G & C Major, International

    Squire: Dance Rustique, Schirmer

    Kummer: Method, Schirmer*

    Cellists Favorite Contest Album, Carl Fisher

    Popper: Gavotte #2, International

    Beethoven: Sonatine, Peters Download Here

    Kabalevsky, Major and Minor Etudes, Sikorski*

    Bazelaire: Suite Francaise, Schott

    Vivaldi: Sonatas in A & E minor, Schirmer

    Bach: Suite #1, Henle

    Eccles: Sonata, International

    Breval: Concerto # 2 in D, Delrieu

    Sevcik: Bowing, Op 3 40 Variations, Bosworth*

    Sammartini: Sonata, International

    Beethoven: Handel Variations, Peters Download Here

    Faure: Elegy, Boston Music

    Popper: High School of Cello Playing, International*

    Popper: Tarantella, International

    Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody, International Download Here

    Haydn: Divertimento, Elkan Vogel Download Here

    Hindemith: Drei Leichte Stucke, Schott Download Here

    Bartok: Rumanian Dances, Universal (Cello) Download Here

    Bartok: Rumanian Dances, Universal (Piano) Download Here

    Haydn: Concerto in C, International Download Here

    Saint-Saens: Concerto, Henle Download Here

    Bach: Gamba Sonatas, Peters Download Here

    Bach: Suites #3, #2

    Beethoven: Sonata #1 or #2 Peters

    Brahms: Sonata in E minor, Wiener Urtext Download Here

    Brahms: Sonata in F major Download Here

    Lalo: Concerto, Peters

    Francouer: Sonata, Schott

    Boccherini: Sonata in A, International Download Here

    Locatelli: Sonata, International

    Valentini: Sonata, International

    Elgar: Concerto, Barenreiter Download Here

    Paganini: Variations on one String. Chester Music (IMC) (Cello) Download Here

    Paganini: Variations on one String. Chester Music (IMC) (Piano) Download Here

    Boccherini: Concerto in Bb, Breitkopf

    Kabalevsky: Concerto

    Piatti: Caprices, Ricordi*

    Ginastera: Pampeana Download Here

    Tschaikowsky: Rococo Variations,Peters

    Tschaikowsky: Pezzo Capriccio

    Beethoven: Sonata in A major, Henle

    Schumann: Fantasy Pieces. Henle Download Here

    Dvorak: Rondo, Silent Woods, Henle

    Haydn: Concerto in D, Schott

    Dvorak: Concerto in b minor, Breitkopf

    Bach: Suites 4,5,6 Download Here

    Shostakovich: Sonata, DSCH

    Foss: Capriccio

    Prokofiev: Sonata, Sikorski

    Shostakovich: Concerto, Sikorski

    Schumann: Concerto, Breitkopf