The Irene Sharp Cello Seminar for Students, Professional Cellists, Amateurs and Teachers

The Irene Sharp Cello Seminar is typically held for 5 days. There is a two-hour session each morning and each afternoon.

In the morning session the participants focus on techniques that foster a healthy and artistic approach to the cello. Cellists will receive individual feedback as they try the techniques. Cello choir music will start and finish the sessions.

In the afternoon sessions individual cellists will present a selection of their choice in a master class setting. Each participant will be able to play at least once during the five days. The concepts presented in the morning sessions will be applied to the music played in the afternoon.

In addition, on three afternoons there will be a one-hour class devoted to a challenging piece from the repertoire that we will learn together. One evening there will be a Seminar dinner, and another evening a Seminar concert given by Irene Sharp and friends.