Important Things to Think While Playing the Cello

  1. Music
  2. Sing inside
  3. Sit up; feet flat
  4. Breathe
  5. Head thinks, but does not move with the music
  6. Elbows down
  7. Left hand:
    • Cling to inside of string
    • Keep the string down
    • Curve fingers (except first in extension)
    • Fingers play the notes
    • Memorize note locations
    • Fingers do not do dynamics
    • Arm relocates the hand
    • Arm does the vibrato

  8. Right hand:
    • Bow hair "velcros" the string
    • Hair crosses string at right angle
    • Most bow strokes involve circular motions
    • String is moved to the right or left
    • Notes of long duration requires arm motion
    • Notes of small duration use the bow fingers
    • Bow fingers can do string crossings
    • For dynamics move closer to or away from bridge when possible
    • Dynamics can also be done by "scooping"
    • For higher or lower frequencies move closer to or further away from brige