1. Slur: first do 4 slurred for the whole scale then do the same slurring 6,8,12  and 24 respectively.  Keep the same beat throughout: 2 to a beat then 3,4,6,and 8.  The notes get progressively faster
  2. Separate: do whole scale with separate bows. First emphasize 2  to a beat then3,4,6 and 8.  Keep the same beat throughout.
  3. Mixed: Do the whole scale with 2 slurred and 2 separate giving a full bow to the slur and a half a bow to the separate bows. Then do 3 slurred and 3 separate using the same full bow for the slur and the half bow for the separate.   Lift the last up bow off the string and replace the bow at the frog as you have a half of a bow you haven't used. Then proceed to 4 slurred and 4 separate, 6 and 6, and 8 and 8.  The 8 and 8 ends up bow so you do this again directly and it ends down bow.
  4. Separate spiccato: same as separate only spiccato
  5. Slurred staccato: Do whole scale doing 2 slurred staccato both down and up bow. Then do 3 each direction 4,6, and 8. Keep the same beat.  The notes get faster at the start of each succeeding bowing.